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Teaching & Learning

martes, 22 de diciembre de 2015

Taking a look back

When it comes to reflect upon this year, I have to say it was a truly positive one. Kids were all enthusiastic and showed a great interest on every activity we proposed. They were truly engaged, and that is the key to success.
One of my strengths was that we could build a nice bound with the kids. This year there were some days that I had to be absent because my little boy was ill and the first thing my students asked me when they saw me on the following day was: Why were you absent Miss? Is your baby ok? They are so thoughtful with the others... A real pleasure to share days with them...
Another strong point was that we created a blog for Third form and go into it very enthusiastically. The objective was to have stuff organized and have a site that parents and kids could visit everywhere and anywhere. Some kids told me they entered the blog very often and parents could see their work there, that was more or less the idea of it all. But one weak point was that as the days passed by and with the loads of work I had to deal with, it was hard to find time to upload things as often as I did at the beginning of the year. This is something I will definitely consider and be consistent on for next year.
I loved that we included one new project and reflected upon the other projects and gave them a twist. I am very proud of our team work and the final product: extensive writings, more use of English in the classroom and new knowledge on different subjects (rainforest, circus, plants...). But there are always things to improve (and this is the part I like about the end of the year: reflecting upon what needs to be improved). I have to be more consistent on home reading and the reading sessions. You know that moment in the year that you feel that everything is about to fall into pieces... (there's ALWAYS a moment we think we are about to collapse... -Or MANY moments, to be honest.. haha-), well, I know I have to find the way to manage time when we are coming to the end of the year. At the beginning everything is so nice and organised... I have to make it next year.
Intensive, positive, comforting, reflexive, encouraging... Adjectives that describe my 2015, and I expect my 2016 will be like this one and better! (There's ALWAYS room for improvement!)

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  1. Cele, I have just come across your reflections, it is true that a key to success is to be consistent and if you keep this idea in mind you will achieve it. home reading and circles are very important and I hope you will place them as a priority this year.
    your group has improved a lot ! and this is great because we can see how they are improving...go on doing your best you are an excellent teacher!